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Wordpress Hints & Tips

  • Essential Websites is GDPR Compliant

    To all customers, suppliers and partners of Essential Websites, our updated Data Protection Policy is now in force and is…

  • How to choose website colours

    How do I choose my website colours?

    When looking at a website, you get an instant feel for the style of the company by the colours and…

  • hacked website help

    What happens when a website gets hacked?

    Well, if you are reading this, I hope you’re either: a) purely interested in hacked websites in case it happens…

  • 9 things to think about when choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress website

    So you are ready to start on your website – where do you begin to look for something that is…

  • How to choose a WordPress theme

    How to Choose a WordPress Theme

    Need help choosing a WordPress theme? Let’s just check you’re ready first … So … you’ve decided to use WordPress…

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About How to Build a Website with WordPress

    If you are thinking about how to build a website using WordPress, but don’t really feel that your technical skills…

  • use wordpress

    Why use WordPress instead of HTML?

    Well, why indeed? When I started my website design business, using themes or templates were considered to be cheating, un-imaginative…