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Upgraded WordPress Website for bdyslexic

Upgraded WordPress Website for bdyslexic
7th February 2018 Sue Hodgetts

Bdyslexic is run by Sheila Stratton, a fully qualified teacher, with over 40 years’ experience working with children in a huge variety of settings.  She provides specialised assessment and tuition for primary-aged children with learning needs, giving advice and support with training, pupil assessment, teaching programmes and resourcing.

Her website was built to extend her information provision into the future with a blog showcasing her vast knowledge of dyslexia.  The intention was to build a site that was enticing to both children of all ages and their adult carers alike.  We used the premium theme “Children Kindergarten” by Fable, which we tailored to remove the very youngest element out of the design.  The result is a crisp, bright and inviting website that Sheila keeps up to date on a regular basis.