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Overhaul of the Walnuts Farm website

Overhaul of the Walnuts Farm website
19th May 2017 Sue Hodgetts

Nick and Bella Ivins of Walnuts Farm were looking for a way to integrate a new shop section into their existing WordPress site and invited Essential Websites to come up with a solution. We worked together to discuss the ways in which we could retain the masses of high quality photographs and posts from the existing site, yet develop a completely overhauled new website that incorporated an ecommerce section.

Several new WordPress themes were researched and the outcome was that The Retailer theme would suit them best, utilising the WooCommerce plugin. We migrated the existing site across to Essential Websites’ hosting (on WP Engine) and used the staging area to develop the whole site until it was ready to go live. Having given Nick and Bella a fully installed and customised base website to work from, they spent valuable time populating the site with new content, images and shop products.

We included a couple of support meetings in order to ensure that they were fully capable of working on the website independently with confidence. The finished site is a sleek and exciting mix of minimalist and rural, with excellent photos taken by Nick himself in his capacity as a professional photographer.

(Shout out to Becky of Amazing Craft for sharing her experience of WooCommerce, when we came across an undocumented issue that needed resolving.)